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New Alert Self-Service: now an integrated part of our database

The Alert Self-Service helps you track your applications and registered rights (portfolio), and watch your competitors. The service covers industrial property rights (patent, design and trademark). In addition, there are many other improvements in the search service.

What’s new or improved?
  • A new, free, Alert Self-Service (Beta)
    Examples of different types of alerts you can set up yourself:
    • Track a particular case and receive notification:
      • for procedural changes (e.g. granted or refused)
      • when a letter is received or sent
    • Watch your competitors more effectively
      • receive notifications about new applications filed by a particular company
      • identify possible threats facing your own products as early as possible
      • detect new trends or competitors
    NB 1: start by carrying out a search in the database. You can then set up an alert in the hit list.
    NB 2: remember to enable pop-ups.
  • Conflict-related information in the online search service:
    In the detailed view of a particular case, a list of records and related documents is displayed. It is now also possible to find more information on appeals to the Appeals Board, requests for administrative review, protests, and changes in trademark rights etc. This includes trademarks, designs and patents.
  • Some bibliographic information is available in design cases that are not yet available to the public. However images and documents are not displayed.
  • Several improvements have been made in functionality, navigation and overall user experience.
  • You will now find a few more key figures on the front page of the search service (statistics).
  • Errors reported by our customers have been fixed (e.g. for EP cases), and changes have been made to improve data quality (e.g. status information).

The search service shows publicly available information on trademarks, patents and designs. From a single search field you can quickly get an overview of a company’s IP-rights, illustrations and images associated with a registered right, status, procedures, payment of fees and more. The tool also provides some functionality for sorting and analysis.

If you find errors or defects, please use the form "Give feedback" which you will find in the top menu.