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Search International Databases

Below you will find links to free public online search services for international enquiries, for markets other than Norway.

For international applications outside Norway, there are several options.  See patenting – or trademark – or design outside Norway.
TM View
TMview A free trademark search tool for all EU member states, Norway and an increasing number of countries, in addition to OHIM and WIPO. TMView provides one shared search tool, it’s free and available in several languages.
Patentscope A WIPO search tool for international patent applications (PCT applications). The Patent Cooperation Treaty - PCT - is a worldwide system for simplified filing and examination of patent appliations.
Madrid Express
Romarin & Hague Express WIPO search tools for international trademark and design registrations. The Madrid Protocol (trademark) and Geneva Convention (design) provide the means for easy and economical protection in multiple countries through a single application. 
Esp@cenet PortalAn EPO search tool for patents. With this network search tool you can search EPO's own database, the most comprehensive one in this portal, or access the esp@cenet databases of other member states.
EU's CTM & RCD OHIM search tools for EU trademark and design registrations. Searches registrations in all EU countries (EEA countries not included).
Google patentsA search for patents.See Google Patents to read more about the search tools, content and limitations.
FreePatentsOnline A search for patents: Visit the FreePatentsOnline website for more information about the search tools, content and limitations.
PatFT: Patents United States Patent and Trademark Office search tools for patents in full-text from 1976.
Designview A free design search tool for all EU member states available in several languages. DesignView aims to be a design search platform for all 27 EU member states in addition to OHIM and WIPO. At present Norway is not included in the TMView portal.